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The Courtyard Theatre

The Courtyard Theatre is a new temporary 1,048 seat theatre built especially for the Complete Works season on the site of The Other Place theatre in Stratford Upon Avon. The existing Other Place auditorium houses the theatres foyer space, cloakroom, bar areas, dressing room and rehearsal space. The building of this temporary theatre allows the Company to continue performing in Stratford-upon-Avon whilst the flagship Royal Shakespeare Theatre undergoes redevelopment.

The Courtyard Theatre opened in July 2006 with the staging of Michael Boyd’s Henry VI trilogy which was put on as part of the Complete Works of Shakespeare Festival.

Built from “Corten A” steel sheets The Courtyard Theatre’s walls create a soundproof auditorium to meet the RSC’s high acoustic requirements. One of the reasons for using this recyclable material is that its red colour blends with the surrounding buildings.

The Courtyard Theatre’s stage configuration is being used as a prototype for the redevelopment of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. This new configuration seats the audience on three sides of the action with 86% of the audience within 10 meters of the stage. In the original Royal Shakespeare Theatre only 26% of its seats were within 10 metres of the stage.

When the development of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre is complete, The Courtyard Theatre will be dismantled and The Other Place will re-open as the RSC’s studio theatre.


The Courtyard Theatre
CV37 6BB


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